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Stage 1: In Depth DPF Diagnostics

Our DPF doctors always start with an in depth diagnostics. We make sure that the key sensors and components are functioning correctly before starting the cleaning process of the DPF.
The initial DPF backpressure is always measured to know what the start situation is prior to the DPF clean.

If faults are found, we start a further investigation to make sure we find the cause of the problem. Then we fix the cause of the problem to ensure it doesn’t repeat itself, and clog up the DPF again.

Our JLM DPF doctors carry various common DPF sensors, air inlet pipe’s, EGR Valves etc. in stock so that they can quickly have you back on the road in the event that your DPF problem is actually a component failure. Once the problem is fixed we can move to the next stage.

Stage 2: The DPF Cleaning Process

Using our specialist JLM J02250 – Diesel DPF Cleaning Toolkit, in combination with the JLM Cleaning & Flush Fluid Package, the JLM Diesel DPF Cleaning Toolkit cleans and restores very dirty diesel particulate filters. We have a 98,4% success rate with our JLM DPF cleaning toolkit (source DPF Doctor UK).

The engine is then started. The mechanic let’s the engine run at a fast idle allowing the soak fluid to clean the carbon content in the Diesel Particulate Filter. This is then followed by a further injection of the JLM DPF cleaning flush solution during an engine fast idle cycle and this flushing process is carried out twice.

Stage 3: Live Data and DPF Analysis

Finally, live data is analysed during the road test or DPF regeneration.

After the road test and regeneration our JLM DPF Doctors measure the final parameter, logging the DPF backpressure readings. These backpressure readings, before and after, are then reported back to you as evidence that your Diesel Particulate Filter is.

The three stage DPF cleaning process is now complete.

The whole process takes approximately 2-3 hours to complete, depending on the faults found in phase 1.

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