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Most common DPF problems

We are a Professional Network of DPF Cleaning and Diagnostic Specialists.
Before you consider to become a JLM DPF doctor, please realise that the key to success with DPF cleaning is:

  • Combining professional diagnostics
  • Ensuring the correct procedure
  • Using JLM DPF cleaning products.

Our DPF diagnostics, vast knowledge and experience and professional products are what sets us apart.

Become a JLM DPF doctor

Join the club and become a JLM DPF Doctor!



1) Starter Pack for new DPF Doctors

  • Technical training, advanced DPF problem analyses
  • 1x JLM DPF Cleaning Toolkit + 20x JLM DPF Clean & Flush Fluid Packs (20 cleaning Procedures)
  • DPF measuring gauge
  • Access to closed and exclusive Facebook group of national network of DPF Doctors members (members support each other by sharing experience and knowledge to solve DPF related matters)
  • 1 page on the respective country page of the international JLM DPF Doctor Network website ( The website will include a location search option to find nearest DPF Doctor
  • Personal DPF Doctor logo in combination with existing company logo

Become a JLM DFP Doctor!

2) Monthly Fee for DPF Doctors

  • Membership fee per month, per individual workshop / DPF Doctor

This membership fee consists out of the following:

  • technical support services (e.g. hotline, ‘master’ doctor)
  • marketing support > using Google Adwords campaigns to promote you as the DPF Doctors (this will generate direct business to the DPF Doctors)

The Google campaigns are run by the online marketing experts at JLM Lubricants B.V.

Become a JLM DPF doctor!

WHY choose the JLM DPF Doctor?

The need to diagnose and repair DPF related issues is ever growing. You don’t have to spent any more time researching and looking at demonstrations from various companies claiming to be able to clean DPF’s.

The JLM DPF doctor is a global concept that is already proven and successfully tested by its founder: Darren Darling from the UK.

Our DPF cleaning method and process proved to be by far the most effective on the market. Often a blocked DPF is a symptom of another fault and identifying that fault is key to prevent the DPF blocking again.

The JLM DPF Doctor network contains some of the most skilled diagnostic technicians available in the automotive industry. They share their knowledge via online forums and live training sessions at various locations around the world.

Become a JLM DPF doctor!

Voulez-vous devenir un médecin JLM DPF?

Le réseau JLM DPF Doctor offre un diagnostic professionnel du filtre DPF et du filtre à particules diesel, afin de résoudre la cause profonde de votre problème DPF. Faites partie de l’équipe!

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Möchten Sie ein JLM DPF Doctor werden?

Das JLM DPF Doctor Network bietet professionelle DPF-Reinigung und Dieselpartikelfilter-Diagnose, um die Ursache Ihres DPF-Problems zu beheben. Sei Teil des Teams!

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Wil je een JLM DPF Doctor worden?

Het JLM DPF Doctor Network biedt professionele DPF-reiniging en dieselpartikelfilterdiagnostiek om de hoofdoorzaak van uw DPF-probleem op te lossen. Maak deel uit van het team!

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Want to become a JLM DPF Doctor?

The JLM DPF Doctor Network offers Professional DPF Cleaning and Diesel Particulate Filter diagnostics, to solve the root cause of your DPF problem. Be part of the team!

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